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40x60cm | acrylic on canvas



collection "Out Of Reality"

Height: 60 cm (23,6 inch)

Width: 40 cm (15,7 inch)

Canvas: first-class painting canvas made of 100% cotton with a weight of 320 g/m²

Media: acrylic, gold leaf, graphite

The painting is signed and gloss-varnished.

This painting is very special for me.

It's another work for my collection Out Of Reality and is a combination of three different motives.

As the main character of this piece, I choosed one young female singer.

In case of art technique, I was inspired by one of my favourite female artists, which 

is focused on fine art paintings with woman, animal and angel motives, that I love. 

Main colors, that I used, are warm colors like pink, orange, beige in contrast with purple

and turquoise color. 

Angel in dreams 

Dream of an Angel symbolizes divine powers, prosperity, wealth, good luck, and a bright future. Often it represents spiritual growth and mental-emotional wellbeing.

Generally speaking, the dreams of angels represent the influence of divine powers on our life.

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