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40x40cm | mixed media on canvas



collection "Strong Together"

Height: 40 cm (15,7 inch)

Width: 40 cm (15,7 inch)

Depth: 2 cm (0,8 inch)

Canvas: first-class painting canvas made of 100% cotton with a weight of 320 g/m²

Media: acrylic, texturing paste, gold leaves

The painting is signed (in the back) and matte-varnished

This piece is the light one from two special paintings called "Strong Together". 

It's inspired by the white sandy dunes Lagoa Bonita, which you can find in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil.

In Portuguese, Dia actually means "day". The painting symbolizes a lagoon in calm

sunny day. The golden details goes for the sunshine, that hits the lagoon in daylight. 

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