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Storytime: From Experimenting to Collaboration

In August 2023 I came to Norway for a study stay and I took a camera with me in case of taking some nice photos of the beautiful norwegian nature and animals. In that time I didn't know, that I will have a chance to photoshoot an amazing project called 'Coterie pre-project' by a Finnish / Swedish Oslo-based creator and performing artist Antero Hein.

In September, I got an invitation from my friend Szymon Ryś, a parkour performer and artist, who I got to know in the beginning of my study stay, that he will be performing with some other performers at the place close to my housing. A day before the performance, I saw them practicing, so I ran for my camera to take some photos of them. But when I got there, Szymon told me, that they are waiting for a photographer to make the official photos of the project. I didn't want to disturb, but I really wanted to experiment and make some photos of them. So I didn't give up and asked if I can take some photos, like "behind the scenes".

The day before the show. The photographer Yaniv Cohen and the performers Nikolai Arnesen, Szymon Ryś and Martine Bentsen in the back.

They liked the idea, so I took a lot of photos and I really enjoyed this photoshoot. Then I also sent the photos to all of the performers and the photographer and I was so happy that they liked the photos. The next day I took my camera to the show and take as many photos as I could. I was running all over the bridge, where the show took a place, and I didn't know where to look first. There were six performers, including Antero Hein, a choreographer and head of this project. It was my first time photoshooting an outside show/performance and through the camera viewfinder I could really feel the energy and everything that all these talented people put into this show.

I was so happy, when Antero liked the photos from the show and then also bought them. This is the proof how a collaboration can be born by just a little bit of courage and asking.

I believe, that this wasn't my last collaboration on such a great project and I'm ready and looking forward for another one! :)




Coterie pre-project:

Antero Hein: choreographer and performer

Nikolai Arnesen: performer

Martine Bentsen: performer

Martijn Joling: performer

Szymon Ryś: performer

Bartek Widerski: performer

Cecilie Lindemann Steen: outer eye

Barbora Kománková: photo

Photos from Coterie pre-project. 09/09/2023, Fredrikstad, Norway.


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